Monday, 9 February 2009

Underwater Images

Here is another example of surrealism in a space very familiar to me.
Here are two shots, solarised and normal. i quite like the effect it gives off as the light reflects through the bubble.
This was actually a little difficult as having air in your lungs and trying to sink to the bottom is very difficult, so with the help of my mate Troy, who held me down with his foot to get me on the bottom for the shot. He also took this picture, this as a 'directed self-portrait'.
Within this image I was experimenting with creating an image which was powerful in subject matter as well as the surreal and un natural effect that is achieved throug the use of solarisation. My body has taken on a metallic sheen and the black background is a spacelike deep dark void where I am floating weighless and eternally - deep dark silent space..

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