Monday, 23 March 2009


This was a trip to london with some friends during February and I used the time to take some architecture shots as London has so many more interesting buildings/places to photograph.
This images shows the juxtaposotion of old and new - the old buildings lining the street leading down to the new high rise modern office block. I like the how the buildings frame the building in the distance giving a sense of the old heralding the new.

Derelict buildings fascinate me - what was their previous purpose, why are they now abandoned? Old buildings made of red brick and full of architectural design features became redundant with the rise in modernism and with new factories and warehouse being built many companies moved buildings with updated technology and space. This left many beautiful old buildings left to deteriorate and fall down or be pulled down. This happened a lot but now more and more of these buildings are being preseved and turned into state of the art appartments.

This unusual building is one of the very old ones that because of its unique shape and position managed to stay in use


I really like the shape/design of the glass created on this building, like a giants steps.

Smithson is also interested in derelict sites. This is a former industrial site which has fallen into disrepair and neglect. What was its purpose - was it a factory - why did it become abandoned.? Again the questions of what and why - again possibly it could be due to a number of factors - possibly lack of business, economic decline or the need for more modern facilities.

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