Thursday, 9 April 2009

Andrea Gursky

German artist Andreas Gursky is best known for his billboard-sizephotographs that inhabit a space between painting and photography,landscape and human concern, animate and inanimate. He often placeshis large-format camera at a high-angled distance from his subject,creating images that suggest mapping stills from outer space orcyber-technology. Sometimes computer manipulated, his images ofcorporate architecture, environmental contemplations such as pebblyearth, and mass groups of people freeze-framed mid-motion oftenreference the geometric forms of Minimalist Art and the "allover"quality of a Jackson Pollock painting. Our eyes dance across hisdense, often slightly abstracted images, which display strong formalelements as they blend relationships between nature, culture, andtechnology. He is particularly concerned with capturing motion andcreating a moment of stillness in that space.

The following images are photograhs taken by Gursky
showing the way of life for many people. They are large fine art prints
showing architecture but incorporating geometric design and

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